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AMERICAN Motorcycles Performance In India

Laish Madison Motor Werks Pvt. Ltd. (LMMW), in collaboration with Cleveland CycleWerks (CCW), Cleveland, Ohio, USA, is the first motorcycle brand to enter India in the segment of 250-500cc bikes, and has already established a strong brand name within a relatively short span. Their combined strengths and proven business model promises to reap excellent results for years to come.

LMMW offers the discerning Indian customer an extensive range of American-branded motorcycles for every walk of life. Headquartered in Mumbai, our fully integrated first-class assembly facility is situated near Hyderabad, India. LMMW/CCW will incorporate the latest design to sales and exceptional service, with every step focused on creating high-quality, customer-centric products.

As income levels rise with the growing economy, the middle class will grow ever stronger-in aspiration and purchasing power-throughout India. These new professionals will choose the freedom that comes with owning a motorcycle versus reliance on mass public transportation. LMMW offers consumers an affordable American-designed motorcycle to meet their mobility desires-designed from the headquarters in Cleveland to rule the streets of India.


Are you passionate about motorcycles? Want to be a part of a growing American motorcycle company? If the answer is "YES"

LMMW team is looking for good partners-partners who want to own a piece of the CCW heritage-to join us in opening CCW dealerships within your state in India.

Sandeep Samuel Budala
Chairman-Managing Director

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